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Hi peeps! Long time no see and I miss all the blogger world:')
So yeah,HERE! I'm back. Just want to give you all a tutz officially by me. Oh well,who miss me? Oh nobody? Kay fine..
Now I will tell you how you can use twitter archive. Just to let you know, twitter achive is a twitter service from a given to 'remind' us of our own past tweets. And I've tried! Exciting and make me laugh. This service I recommend to all of you, my blog readers. I hope this tutorial helped you!

First step you must do is HAVING A TWITTER! If you don't have a twitter,you can sign up for FREE. Done sign up? Okay,good.
Open the Setting Option on your twitter. And then,scroll your scrollbar till you see "Your Twitter Archive" right there.

Just click the "Request your Archive" button there. And Twitter will sent you an email! Open your email and click "Go Now" or click the link below "Go Now" button. 

And you will connected to this link!

Click 'Download' and the file will be downloaded! Your file will be downloaded as .zip,and you must unzip it  and open 'index.html' to view your information. 
Twala! You can read your old tweets,just click the years that you want and then..boom! The tweets are ready to read. Um..i think that's all that I can say to all of you guys.
Hope this tutz helped! x

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Now I really like photo editing! And I post to Instagram. Thank God, there is a good response, and since then, I transmissivity photo editing, hahaha ..
I used to edit in many application! And it turns out it's not as easy to edit as I think, must have a high IMAGINATION and of course, already an expert in the work especial edited photo, the bottom line, I'm still new to photo editing, hmm ..
Want to know what my edits? Here it is ..

I edited it with GIMP for Computer and Photoscape! :D

I edited it with Pic Collage,Blendcam and Phonto! :D

I edited it with Pic Collage,Blendcam and Phonto! :D

I edited it with Pic Collage and Phonto! :D

I edited it with Pic Collage and Blendcam. Bad,yeah I know..

I edited it with Pic Collage,Blendcam and Phonto! 

Edited it with Pic Collage,Blendcam and Phonto

AAAND many more! Too lazy to post it to Blog hehehe.. Just click this link and you will entered to my Instagram. Yihiii! Happy editing. By the way,I'm iPod user so..Pic Collage,Blendcam or Phonto is not available for PC. 
Kay that's all,enjoooooy! OHYEAH and HAPPY NEW YEAARR!!!! <3